About us

The idéa for the brand Babyflex was conceived as a Junior Achievement business. During 2016/2017 Victoria Thai, Jonathan Pettersson & Dante Wetenius ran the JA business Se Mig UF. We produced and sold stylish and fashionable safety reflectors in the form of tassels and saw successes such as winning first place in the JA competition “Best business plan”, assigned by the investment company Investor AB.

After the year long JA program was done we were certain we wanted to keep running the business, thus ProEV AB was born that now sell products under the brand Babyflex. The question we asked ourselves when starting Babyflex was; Why don’t more people in our society use safety reflectors? The simple answer we found through surveying the market was; Because they are either not stylish or they are not easy to use, sometimes their not either of those two. With these two criterias for our product we developed the Babyflex Reflective tape. A reflective tape that’s certified according to Oeko-tex 100 & En13356 for non-professional safety reflectors.

Stylish & Easy to use

A stylish and easy to use design,
is what we belive holds the key to increased usage of safety reflectors.

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