Why should I be using a safety reflector?
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The risk of not being seen in the dark

With a stroller you have more than your own life in your hands

  • According to studies done by the Swedish Road Administration the risk of being hit and killed by a car increases threefold during the dark hours of the day as opposed to being daytime. The risk increases as soon as dusk dawns. Using something reflective is a cheap and easy way to decrease the risk of an accident. (Vägverket 2013)
  • With a safety reflector you increase your visibility by atleast 125 meters in the dark if you encounter a car with dimmers turned on. This makes sure the drive has ample time to slow down. If you’re not using a safety reflector and dark clothes, you will not be seen until the car is 20-30 meters from your location. (Vägverket 2013)
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Being in a lit up area doesn’t mean you’ll be seen!

  • Most accidents where pedestrians are hurt or killed occurs in residential neighbourhoods where street lights are lit. (Vägverket 2013)
  • While street lights might make you see thing better. That doesn’t mean you will be visible to cars. In the dark, human eyes have a difficult time distinguishing contrasts, even on streets that are lit up. Therefore you need safety reflectors to make sure the drivers see you. (Vägverket 2013)
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